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Floor Installations​

For over 30 years we’ve specialized in flooring installations of all sorts and sizes. Our team guarantees a quality installation and Adan personally visits every site regularly.

Custom Flooring Designs

With so many years in the industry, Adan and his crew have become experts in flooring designs like chevron and herringbone or even custom patterns or borders. If you’re looking for a luxury design to your hardwood floors we can help you through planning to purchasing to installation.

Flooring Refinishing

The main benefit of hardwood floors is the durability and how long they can last you. Hardwood flooring can be sanded and stained many times to give you a product that lasts you a lifetime. Our team of refinishing specialists offers a Hugh quality service to make your floors lasts a whole generation.

Baseboard & Shoe Mould

In most cases when replacing your floors you’ll likely need new baseboard and shoe mould. We can help you with the supply and install of this as well.

Stair & Railings

Our stairs and railing specialists give our clients the peace of mind that one flooring contractor can handle this without having to call another company making it easier to coordinate your home renovation.

& More

At Adan’s Flooring Inc. we make it our duty to provide you with a full service. If your installation or renovation project requires extras closely related to flooring we would be happy to help.

Site or Office Visit

Scheduling An Appointment​

Schedule a on-site or in-office appointment to meet with one of our specialists.